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ballack_icons's Journal

Michael Ballack Icons
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to ballack_icons the very first community for Michael Ballack icons. Please read through the rules before joining and/or posting. Thanks!


-- When posting more than three icons please use a lj-cut. If you do now know how to do so please use the following code by clicking for the tutorial.

-- Please try to stay away from posting icon requests. It is not condoned at the moment, but if all I see is icon requests, your post(s) will be deleted. This is not a request community!

--Only post graphics of Michael Ballack and football/soccer related icons! It is okay if you post your other graphics but make sure you at least have 3 or more Michael related icons or it's just pointless.

-- No off topic posts! If your post is off topic it will be ignored and deleted at once. Please no discussion; take your Michael discussion to michaelballack.

-- No icons made in paint! Believe me, we can tell because they are usually sloppy and unoriginal. Icon posts that were made in Paint WILL be deleted.

-- Absolutely NO community/journal promotions! If that is the case, your post will be deleted.

-- Do not link to a locked post; either in your journal or a community and expect other members to join in order to see your icons. Please make your posts public!

--If you have any queries to the rules please contact one of the maintainers below.


Amanda-waveburn (Founder)
Looking for at least 1 more.

The current layout was coded by waveburn. The userinfo banner was made by waveburn as well. Header was made by 5upamofo. Please, no stealing! :)

If you would like to affiliate with us, please reply here. Thanks!